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Why are tourists coming to Quime?

Beautiful, restful hostel at 3000 m. altitude in the heart of the Bolivian Andes.

Spectacular views. Native montane forests.   Lakes. Waterfalls.

Visiting nearby indigenous Aimara communities and worker owned cooperative mines.

Unspoiled, friendly. Off the Gringo Trail.

Numerous day hikes into natural areas.

Bird watching and photography.

The hostal overlooks 40 miles of mountains and valleys.

Comfortable rooms and beds

Hostel Information

Location: Four blocks uphill from the main plaza in Quime. Ask the locals.

Number of rooms: 2 family or matrimonial (large matrimonial bed and single bed),  1 communal, 3 simple (large 1/2  beds also suitable for double).Balconies for three rooms, private patio for one room, communal verandah for all, fireplace in one room.

Bathrooms: 2, No private bathes.

Kitchen: Large, well-equipped kitchen free to use by all guests.

Cost: Single Sb70 ($US 10.00); Double Sb 120 ($US17.00); Special weekly and monthly discount rates.

Information:; Telephone: Paola (00 591) 78830585,  Tomeu (00 591) 69764476


Hostal provides breakfasts for Sb 12 per person. Most guests cook their own meals or share cooking with other guests or the owner. There are numerous food stores with all the basic necessities.  There are restaurants near the central Plaza with very basic Bolivian food. The Sunday fair is especially fun to buy food in.

Getting to Quime:


Buy a ticket to Conani on any early to mid morning bus on its way to La Paz.

Get off in  Conani and wait on the corner for any of numerous options for transport into Quime. These include buses, trucks, minibuses and taxis. The taxis and minibuses cost Sb25 bolivianos per person, but you must wait until they are full with passengers for the trip.  There is plenty of food and newly constructed lodging in Conani.

Bus Companies

Flota Santiago Phone:  259-7544 or 2-259-7544  — Located in El Alto.

Flota Inquisivi Phone: 282-4734 or  2-282-4734 — Located at main bus terminal in la Paz and El Alto.

Fare: Sb 22.00.

Travel Time: 5 hours

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