About Quime

Why visit Quime & The Colibri Hostal?

Colibri is a beautiful, tranquil hostal at 3000 m. altitude in the heart of the Bolivian Andes with spectacular views.  Quime is unspoiled, and very much off the gringo trail.


  • Trek through native montane forests to lakes, waterfalls, hot springs.
  • Visit nearby indigenous Aimara communities and worker-owned cooperative mines.
  • Bird watching, nature photography.

The town of Quime:

Quime is a small town of 3000 people in an isolated Andean valley at 3000 m. altitude.  People have lived in the valley over a thousand years, at least since Tiahuanaco times.  In the surrrounding mountains there are 31 native indigenous Aimara villages and numerous cooperative mines.  Most of the people are dedicated to subsistance farming, and when mineral prices are high, primitive mining.


Quime´s climate is cool temperate. The high temperatures range between 15-25 C, the lows between 5-12 C.  Global warming has been notable in the area. With rising temperatures, rainy season has become unpredictable. Instead of summer (December-March) rains now have rainy seasons in Spring and Fall (September – October  and March-April).

The mountains and valleys near Quime remain semi-wilderness areas, a combination of high Andean puna, grasslands, cloud forests, chapparal and dry Chaco woodlands.

 DSC06132 (Small)

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